Reviewed by Jen K.

Unbeknown to me, a papertoy craze has been sweeping the nation. Now that I have been made aware of the existence of papertoys, I have to say that I’m ready to hop on the bandwagon. The monsters you can create are adorable and scary, cute and creepy. I think the real appeal of Papertoy Monsters from Workman Publishing is that you don’t need much to make really cool monsters. You must have opposable thumbs, glue, and a little bit of patience. That’s it! Other people who are skilled at art and math have done the actual work and handily bound it up and made it available to the masses. Fifty weird and quirky little monsters are ready to be sprung forth from the pages with the twist of a paper and stroke of a glue stick.

Each project spreads across three pages. The first page provides a full color illustration of how your creature will look fully assembled, with a little tag giving type, variant names, origin, description and abilities. The opposite side of this page provides assembly instructions and a fun little descriptive paragraph on your monster. We had a great time flipping around and reading all the imaginative backgrounds on these guys. Then, of course, the final page, made from slightly heavier paper is the hands-on part. Each piece is scored and perforated, so removing them is frustration free.

There are fifty projects available, split among three difficulty levels, easy, intermediate and advanced. Each design is marked with a yellow tab in the upper left corner identifying the level, so you can choose your projects accordingly.

To test the waters, we started with Heidi, an oversized bug monster who lives inside closets. I specifically chose this one because it seemed the easiest of the easy, containing two pieces and two directives. We punched out both pieces, body and door, then used a glue stick to attach the tabs in numerical order. In no time at all (thanks to the quick drying abilities of a glue stick), we were holding a cute/ugly three dimensional orange spotted monster. Fun! We felt confident about moving on to Zeke, an under bed dwelling monster, who literally has a bed balanced on his head. And we’re eying Zwart, a shadow type monster who lurks behind a kid greedily clutching a lollipop.

Overall, this turned out to be full of super cool projects that we are still enjoying. Check out some of the assembled monsters here.

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Jen lives in Michigan with her husband and six year old son. She writes reviews of children’s books on her blog, FIRR-Kids and loves filling her own shelves with cookbooks.

This book was provided free of any obligation by Workman Publishing. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.