Reviewed by Melanie Kline

Alice Love is living a person’s worst nightmare. Her identity has been stolen, her bank accounts drained – everything is falling apart and she has her best friend Ella to blame. Alice is devastated. How could she not have seen this coming and why would her best friend do such a thing? Was she really stupid enough to allow Ella to know where she kept all her personal pin numbers, birth certificate, etc.?

Now, with her personal savings account drained of over $30,000, in debt over her head, evicted from her apartment and extremely unhappy at work, Alice decides to launch her own investigation. She begins tracking every known transaction on her bank accounts – traveling to the same stores, restaurants, cooking and yoga classes, hotels and even so far as another country – following in Ella’s footsteps.

This, of course, is where the story gets really creepy. Investigating I could understand, but when Alice purchases the exact same dress that Ella had bought and goes to the same hotel that she stayed in, I was unnerved to say the least. And that was all before she had a one night stand and told the man that her name was Ella. Alice winds up in jail in Rome for an unpaid hotel expense Ella left in her wake, yet she is undeterred and continues on. At this point, I had to ask myself just exactly what was going on?!

The Liberation of Alice Love begins as an interesting trip through Alice’s nightmarish situation, turns into a disastrous mess of unbelievable events and leaves you scratching your head at the end.

Rating: 2/5

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