6a00d83451bcff69e20120a8bf73f2970b-300wiReviewed by Alice P.

The Girl with Glass Feet is an engaging and enthralling novel by Ali Shaw. The author is able to successfully blend together elements that captivate the readers’ attention. Indeed, this book has everything from suspense to horror to romance to mystery. It will leave you at the edge of your seats, unwilling to put the book down until the last word.

The Girl with Glass Feet is a love story about a confused boy, Midas, and a determined girl, Ida, who are both looking for one thing…answers. Midas is confused about his life, about why his father killed himself and why his mother never got over the death, about why things are the way they are, and who is responsible. Ida, on the other hand, is trying to find a cure for her rare condition, a condition that causes one to turn completely to glass. She is searching for ways to stave off the glass, which had started from her foot and is rapidly spreading throughout her body. She is not sure why this is happening or how it’s happening. She is only sure of one thing: she must find the man, the only one able to fix it, the only person that can give her and Midas the answers…Henry Fuwa.

Henry Fuwa knows not only about Ida’s disease, but also about the strange things that are happening in their little town of St. Hauda’s Land. He knows about the albino animals that hide in the frosted woods, about the unusual half ox half winged creatures that roam around near the swamps, and about why Midas’s father killed himself.

Though Midas and Ida’s meeting is rather unexpected and not a love at first sight, it blossoms into something so much more. And soon they both realize that only by helping one another can they help themselves. By finding Henry Fuwa, Ida and Midas are able to find the answers they have been looking for, the solutions, and the disappointments that lead them on the adventure of their lives.

Thanks to the uniqueness of the content and the rareness of the story line, I was completely absorbed in the writing. The story jumps from Midas’s to Ida’s to Henry Fuwa’s point of view which enabled me to understand how each and every main character is feeling and find out about his/her past experiences. With The Girl with Glass Feet, Ali Shaw has been able to do something that is very difficult…he is able to bring to life a beautiful fantasy story, and stage it in a realistic manner. It is a must read for all those who love excitement, uncertainty, enchantment, and more.

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Alice, a.k.a. Sunny, is a full time student at LakeLand College. She is originally from India, but has been traveling the world with her mom and sister ever since she was two.