Reviewed by Andrea M.

Told by the two main female characters, Gwyn and Maggie, The Divorce Party begins as Gwyn Huntington is planning a divorce party that will fall on the day of her thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. Her husband says that he has found a new religion and that they are now too different from each other, but she knows better. Maggie is Gwyn’s soon to be daughter-in-law. On the day that Maggie is to meet her in-laws for the first time, she finds out all about Nate’s, her fiance’s, hidden past. The two women must overcome the secrets in their relationships to move forward with their lives.

Despite my discomfort with the idea of a divorce party, I really felt for the female characters in the story. I sympathized with Gwyn and her situation–her knowing that her husband was lying. I even admired the way that she brought this fact to his attention. And I felt bad for Maggie, finding out about Nate the way she did. He should have been honest about his past with her from the start, and I’m not so sure I would have been as forgiving as she was.

That being said, I also liked the male characters. There were times that Thomas seemed to still want to be with his wife. I just wanted to reach into the book and shake him! And Nate seemed so sweet–why was it necessary for him to lie about his past?

The Divorce Party was a serious and moving book, and one that I enjoyed in spite of feeling unsettled by the subject matter.

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