Reviewed by Poppy Johnson

Breakthrough by Shea Vaughn (yes, she is actor Vince Vaughn’s mother) is fittingly dedicated to the breakthroughs that allow us to find the most relevant and important aspects of our lives. These breakthroughs include living each day in the present (leaving the past behind) and finding self-fulfillment in each day.

Vaughn focuses on a mind and body connection, and incorporates meditation and lessons on becoming more aware of self to live a happier life. The first half of the book offers advice on how to slow down and become more sensitive to movement and thought that we experience every day. The middle part of the book discusses the five principles of well-being (commitment, perseverance, self-control, integrity and love). The last sections offer photos of the author performing several exercise routines, discuss aging and show ways to apply these five principles to your life.

I especially enjoyed the exercises at the end of the book and the way they were shown in a series of photos, making it easier to replicate them on my own. The stretching-based routines did clear my head when I tried them, and they offered a nice alternative to a full out workout; the stretching routines would be perfect on a “resting” day between formal exercise routines.

I recommend Breakthrough to anyone who is stressed in a home or job situation and who needs advice on how to unwind.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Click here for a video of Shea Vaughn working out with her son and Ellen DeGeneres

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