51v-sL2brjLReviewed by Christen Krumm

Welcome back to the world of Andy Sachs. I was super excited when I saw that there was going to be another “Prada” book. I remember devouring the first book and absolutely loving the movie (Anne Hathaway is just adorable).

Revenge Wears Prada picks up almost a decade after The Devil Wears Prada ended (but do not worry, Lauren Weisberger seamlessly weaves the past and present together to get you caught up on the years past). Now Andy and once rival Emily own their own high fashion wedding magazine called The Plunge. Within the first couple of chapters Andy is married to a rich mogul despite being absolutely abhorred by his family (especially his mother who wanted her son married to a more suitable, arm candy-ish bride). As well as pregnant—which I was actually excited about even if Andy was not very excited to begin with. The book just progresses from there. It is more or less about the daily life and dealings of Andy’s fabulous job (I am not going to lie—I would love her job). Miranda Priestly is seen a handful of times in the novel and every time I, like Andy, felt like I was going to die of a heart attack.

While I enjoyed the book, at times I wanted to shake Andy and tell her to just move on. She’s an adult with an amazing career under her belt—she should not let Miranda Priestly in her head like that, but I guess it made for a good read. I am not really sure where the “revenge” part of the book came into play. Maybe it was just the fact that even though Andy left Miranda Priestly, the Miranda Priestly, all those years ago dripping in the rain in Paris (OK, I can not really remember if it was raining . . .), she still came out on top. She still made a huge name for herself—and not as the assistant who left Miranda Priestly, but a real name in magazine publishing.

All in all this was a pretty good read. Nice for a lazy weekend, and the perfect beach or travel read. If you are a die-hard Andy Sachs or Lauren Weisberger fan, you will love Revenge Wears Prada.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Christen is an aspiring author, book lover, and coffee drinker. She lives in Arkansas with her superhero husband and 2 mini people. Connect with her at her blog: ChristenKrumm.com or Twitter @christenkrumm

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