Meg M., our resident TV show reviewer, is discussing episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles right here at Luxury Reading!

Written by Meg M.

Wondering when Law & Order: Los Angeles will return from hiatus? Well, so are we!

NBC originally announced that the show would be returning to the air on Tuesdays at 10 pm, starting in February. But now we’ve come to find out that some cast changes have delayed this return.

Creator Dick Wolf announced that Skeet Ulrich, who plays Detective Rex Winters, will be leaving the show after the 14th episode. So what will this new series do without one of its lead detectives?

We will discover that deputy district attorney Ricardo Morales, who is portrayed by Alfred Molina, served for fifteen years at the LAPD. A “breaking point” will lead him back to his old stomping ground as a detective, stepping in for Detective Winters.

Also leaving the series are actresses Regina Hall and Megan Boon. Terrence Howard, a clear audience favorite, will remain on the series as deputy district attorney Jonah Dekker.

This certainly isn’t the first time there have been major cast changes in the Law & Order franchise. I can’t even count how many times there’s been a new district attorney on Law & Order: SVU. But what do you think? Will this revamp of the new series help or hurt the show?

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