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Remnants: Season of Wonder introduces us to Lisa T. Bergren’s newest cast of characters in book one of this fast paced, action packed series. Told from the perspective of Andriana, a gifted teen born on the seventh day of the seventh month destined to save the world, known as a Remnant. Readers are taken for a ride as she along with her Knight protector, Ronan, battle evil Sheolites. They meet up with the other Remnants known as the Ailith and travel across the unknown to free others sympathetic to their cause. In the midst of their journey they must also keep their feelings for each other at bay because relationships between a Remnant and Knight are forbidden.

Lisa T. Bergren has created a strong, fierce character in Andriana. Taught from a young age that one day she would be called to save the world with other Ailiths, she can fight with the best of them, however, she still has her downfalls. She is learning to control her gift of “feeling”, as well as struggling with her feelings for her best friend. And Ronan—well, he’s a hero worthy of swooning over. Well, if we are honest? All of her guys are worth swooning over. Ronan reminds me of the strong silent type that you don’t want to mess with. Raniero is the fearless leader. Vidar is the jokester, and Killian has dreads—need I say more? Every one of them are ripped. There is no lack of thick biceps and wash-board abs.

While reading Remnants, I couldn’t help but think this story has a Pilgrim’s Progress type journey. This book would be great for a book club discussion as many points could easily be connected with a spiritual element¬—the Ailiths being on a journey, would be much like the Christian’s journey on earth. The Remnants joining together much like the church should be and each of them have their own gifts (sound familiar? Anyone?)

Being truthfully honest, I was not even sure what Remnants was about when I picked it up (I actually thought it was set in space — ummm nope). Lisa T. Bergren is a solid writer, she writes great stuff and you will rarely be disappointed. If you like books with strong heroines such as Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Delirium, you will love Remnants: Season of Wonder.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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