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About the book

New mother Estelle Paradise has never had it easy. But she finds happiness in marriage to an attorney—the strong, capable Jack—and their baby Mia should be their pride and joy. She is at least, for Jack. Estelle has a hard time adjusting to motherhood, and baby Mia cries from colic day-in and day-out. Estelle feels ragged and exasperated, and worries about the terrible thoughts she has as she falls into a devastating post-partum depression.
As Estelle falls apart, Jack grows frustrated. As Estelle sinks deeper into despair, her relationship with Jack begins to waver, and Estelle feels terribly alone, emotionally and physically.

But one day baby Mia has vanished—along with everything in her room. Her toys, books, and blankets are all gone; even her diapers have simply disappeared. All that is left is her crib and the mobile hanging above it. Estelle, plagued by her depression and psychosis, does not even report the crime or react the way a mother “should,” and therefore is blamed for Mia’s disappearance by both Jack and the media when they get hold of the story. Estelle has no answers for anyone, except what she knows: that Mia is gone. Days later Estelle is found in her car, crashed in the bottom of a ravine in upstate New York, with a gunshot wound to the head. It is miraculous she survived, and the questions surrounding Mia’s disappearance get even more suspicious. Estelle herself cannot remember anything that happened before the accident, and starts to wonder if the speculations that she may have had something to do with Mia’s vanishing are true.

Estelle is admitted to a psychiatric facility instead of being arrested, and it is there, with the help of a specialist, that she begins to uncover her memories. A mother’s true love and devotion is tested as she gets closer and closer to the truth, all buried within the confines of her brain. And with each recovered memory the reader is faced with a new twist, another piece of the terrifying puzzle.

Readers of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will love the hair-raising mystery at the center of this novel: What on earth happened to baby Mia, and what does Estelle know? And can we trust her story?

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