Reviewed by Christen Krumm

We all dream of moving to England (or visiting) and having an English lord sweep us off our feet thus keeping us in London forever (oh wait… that was just me? OK, moving on). When I was a little girl, my aunt thought it would be so marvelous if I was pen pals with one of the princes so that I could marry one and thus live in a castle in England (clearly that never happened).

Jerramy Fine’s The Regal Rules for Girls takes us to the land of lords, tea, and queens and teaches us how to act properly when meeting the queen. After reading Fine’s guide, I find myself dreaming of up-rooting my family and moving into a flat in London. Oh, that glorious dream. Even if that dream will likely never happen, Fine’s rules of etiquette and fashion can still apply for a more “proper” English lifestyle.

This book is the handbook for those wanting to snag an English lord (or maybe, like me, just to bring a little more English lifestyle to your small town life). It includes everything on how to speak properly, how to shop (and make sure your dress is always classic), how to make tea, how to find best places to flirt and so much more. My favorite chapter was on fashion. I love the British’s sense of fashion — it is always so classic, and Fine gives you a step by step guide to looking the part (I now have a need to go shopping and re-haul my wardrobe — and invest in some pearls!)

Jerramy Fine’s writing is pithy and peppered with humor making The Regal Rules for Girls a fun, lighthearted read. If you love all things English, just want to have better manners, or would like an entertaining weekend read, The Regal Rules for Girls is a must! Also, it would not hurt to check out Fine’s website — filled with more advice and fun tidbits.

Best Line: In England, tea has endless magical qualities and is genuinely believed to solve everything. Your boyfriend breaks up with you? Tea. Come down with the flu? Tea. Terrorist attack on the London Underground? Tea. (Americans go read alert, the Brits put the kettle on.) When in doubt, put the kettle on.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Christen is an aspiring author, book lover, and coffee drinker. She lives in Arkansas with her superhero husband and 2 mini people. Connect with her at her blog: ChristenKrumm.com or Twitter @christenkrumm

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