Rebellious-HeartReviewed by Amanda Farmer

I found Rebellious Heart to be a great quick read about two young people who fall in love despite hardship and different social circles. We are introduced to Susanna Smith, who is a well off member of Braintree, Massachusetts, and who has never quite conformed to the social norms despite her mother’s many attempts. Susanna believes all should be treated equally no matter their social standing, and this is demonstrated when she helps a runaway slave girl no matter the risks to herself. She also starts to see how England is trying to keep the colonists from growing by charging them more taxes.

When Susanna seeks help in some legal matters, she meets and gets to know Benjamin Ross. Benjamin is a lawyer but also a farmer, putting him squarely outside of Susanna’s social circles. The two form a friendship that soon develops into something more. The two have to face many trials in their quest to be together and have to overcome the prejudices of many in town who believe that Ross has no business courting someone like Susanna. This is the story of their journey.

I enjoyed reading Rebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund and look forward to her other books. I found Rebellious Heart to be a sweet romance that had conflict, friendship, family, murder and personal growth all tied into one story. The pre-Civil War setting added an interesting layer to plot; through her characters, Hedlund showed that it takes just one person to make a difference.

I highly recommend this story to all who love Christian historical fiction with a romantic twist. You will not be disappointed with this one. I also want to note that Hedlund wrote this novel as a tribute to John and Abigail Adams.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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