Rearview-Mirror-by-Alana-StewartReviewed by Darin Godby

In Rearview Mirror, Alana Stewart does a beautiful job of sharing her life – both the happy, joyful moments as well as those depressing and sad ones – with the readers. She begins with her childhood and reminisces about the impact the various men that came in and out of her mother’s life had on her own life. She moves on to describe her school years and the very personal experience of falling in love.

There are travel stories as well Stewart’s stories from the years she spent married to Rod Stewart. While this rocker was the idol to so many he was also the man that Alana loved and wanted to spend her life with. Rod spent a great amount of his time working and partying, leaving Alana to fend for herself. She soon found that she was pregnant and experienced the joy that only other mothers can understand. Yet, Rod didn’t seem to feel drawn to this new addition to their family like she hoped and they grew apart.

Later in life she married actor George Hamilton. One again, Stewart shares both the good and the difficult moments of their relationship in her book. It was later in life, while under the direction of Deepak Chopra, that Alana began to come into her own and understood how to live life to its fullest. Whether modeling, acting, being a wife or mother she found great delight in making a difference in the lives of others.

This is a very well written book that will allow you to walk alongside Stewart in her journey towards understanding her fears and acknowledging her successes. This book gives the reader much to think about and will possibly stretch them into becoming a deeper and more thoughtful individual.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Darin Godby is an active reader, husband, father and soon to be author.

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