219209445_dhdbpfgb_c_largeFinding time to read a good book is one of life’s little pleasures and the sanctuary of your home provides numerous spaces to relax and open those pages. When you have the house to yourself that favorite comfy chair or sofa beckons, and with a drink to sip, the quiet living room is the obvious place to make a beeline for with that bestseller or trashy novel. However, those times when the house is deserted can be rare, and the living room and kitchen is usually a hub of activity, with the television on, people chatting, and kids playing. That’s the time to look to the other rooms of the home to lose yourself in your book.

The second retreat is the garden, but if the temperature is right but the elements aren’t you can open the doors and relax as the rain falls? The warmth through the glass, the breeze through the doors, and, if it’s a nice day, the sound of accompanying birdsong is sheer bliss, and what is it about the wicker or the fabrics of conservatory furniture that makes them so comfortable and so suited to a light, airy space? Conservatories feel made for passing time with a book, and watching the world outside go by.

Of course, there’s no place like a bath for a good excuse for a read, with hot, soapy water adding to the relaxation, though if the bathroom gets too steamed up, then keeping the pages dry becomes somewhat tricky. Reading in the lavatory is certainly an unhygienic no-go. However, many surveys tell us that people still do this (!).

A study or home office is always a good place to retreat with a book too, even if it is in essence a spare bedroom. If working from home, then call it a home office when working, and after that it becomes the study, or if this is where you house your books, the library. Either way, the terms “study” and “library” suggest by their very name the need for peace and quiet, somewhere that the occupant will remain undisturbed. People who like to read like to lose themselves in the pages, but background noise is difficult to shut out and what you read does not really sink in as a result. Reading in bed is always a classic option to wind the day down, of course.

A person’s home is their castle, but you always need that special reading room as your haven and it doesn’t have to be a stronghold. It just needs to be a place to engage your mind.