I love reading comments from my readers. I’ve been running this blog for four years and I’ve never received a comment that made me truly mad…until yesterday.

I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions about books and I welcome all of those opinions. However, I felt that the comment left by R.K. Stella on the review of The Other Girl was simply uncalled for, mean spirited and not even wholly related to the book. 

I’ve never spotlighted individual comments but was particularly taken aback by this one (see below). I did not review the book and even if I did, I am not sure what entitles R.K. Stella to presume to know what I may or may not appreciate…

What are your thoughts? Is this an appropriate reaction to a book review one doesn’t agree with?

“Really, Vera? I read the book and it seemed to me that we read two different novels. This is what caught my eyes as universal themes, from the early and last sentences of the book: 

“My eyes are closed. The burning noon sun is creeping under my eyelids flashing red, an insidious wound stinging intermittently, reminding me that I hurt; therefore I am.”

“My hand is clenched on my cell phone in my suit pocket. A masochistic nostalgia invades me and I recall Svieta and the spooky little dot she left me on my lifeline and all the crazy things it could mean. And the times when I used to roam hand-in-hand with Marina late at night, after going dancing at some club; her mixed messages, always hot in bed, and so safely distant outside of it; always holding something back, always unsure, always with only one foot in, like a wanted butterfly I can never pin down. And I wonder what would make me happier? To go back to her, give it one more try, and buy more time in scorching love and arctic limbo? See where it goes….Or keep a stiff upper lip and cross the desert of life all by myself, however long it takes, and however flat, dull and lonely it gets, to the next safe oasis?”

In short, the pain of uncertain living the pain of unrequited love. I enjoyed this novella and found it deep and original.

The main character rants about Russian women being materialistic though, so I understand why Vera, who is Russian, could not appreciate the premise.

Asian men have a similar problem in the US, I read somewhere that 70-80% of the Asian women prefer Caucasian men.”