RAOK_cover-330 (1)I have 10 copies of Random Acts of Kindness by Lisa Verge Higgins to give away!

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About the book

Higgins is a formidable voice in the world of women’s fiction, and her latest novel features a new cast of unforgettable characters that readers will want to return to again and again. Booklist correctly deduces that “fans of chick lit will enjoy this humorous and uplifting homage to good friendships and a variety of Americana” with this emotionally layered novel about love, friendship, family, loss, and forgiveness.

Claire Petrenko has spent her life running from a fate genetics and family history has lain before her. Whether serving as a Buddhist nun in Thailand, or sequestered away on a thirty-acre ramshackle cabin caring for a three legged goat, the fear is always present. And when the breast cancer that claimed both her mother and her younger sister finally catches up to Claire, the diagnosis is devastating. But like a fairy Godmother, old friend Jenna Hogan appears at her cabin door, giving Clair the perfect opportunity to revisit her past and the possibility to embrace a future.

What begins as a seemingly ordinary road trip becomes an odyssey as the women cross the country, gathering friends and renewing old relationships while they journey to their childhood home of Pine Lake. There, they discover that Jenna’s random act of kindness has rippled out into their karmic universes, surging back to alter all their lives in ways they never imagined.

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