MansbachThree lucky readers will receive a copy of Adam Mansbach’s Rage Is Back!

About the book

Adam Mansbach, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Go the F**k to Sleep and the critically acclaimed novels The End of the Jews and Angry Black White Boy, returns with a gripping new novel Rage Is Back about a too-wise kid and the father who left him, the price of revenge and the greatest graffiti stunt New York City has ever seen.

The narrator of Rage Is Back is Kilroy Dondi Vance, an eighteen-year-old biracial Brooklynite who deals pot and goes to prep school on scholarship, all while growing up in the shadow of his absentee father Billy Rage, a legendary graffiti writer who disappeared from New York City in 1989 following a public feud with MTA police chief Anastacio Bracken. Now it’s 2005. Bracken is running for mayor of New York City. And who should Dondi discover on a rooftop in Brooklyn but his father, newly returned to the city and ready to settle the score. The return of Rage and the mayoral race of Bracken prompt a reunion of every graffiti writer who mattered in the 1980s as they plan the greatest graffiti heist imaginable.

In hallucinogenic first-person prose filled with wild, fascinating digressions, opinions, and the history of the graffiti scene, the young Dondi tells a story that is part urban fiction, part youthful fantasy—big city cynicism dosed with the extraordinary. Dondi is a compelling, complicated narrator, embodying the contradictory nature of teenage boys; he is by turns wry, self-deprecating, bold, and tender, Holden Caulfield by way of Brooklyn.a Rafflecopter giveaway