siesta key book coverPlease welcome Shelley Shepard Gray, author of The Proposal at Siesta Key, who is touring the blogosphere with Litfuse Publicity!

Reviewed by Charity Lyman

Every now and then you come upon a series that just keeps sneaking into your thoughts as you go throughout the day and you come to think of the characters within the pages as real people. You find yourself wishing you were a member of their community and that their stories would just continue for many books to come. That is how I felt when I picked up the first novel in this series by Shelley Shepard Gray. And the second installment has just reinforced that feeling a hundred-fold. I am seriously in love with the community of Pinecraft, Florida as portrayed in these books!

I was happy to find many old friends/characters as I dove into The Proposal at Siesta Key and was also pleased to make the acquaintance of a few new people in town. Penny Troyer is a young woman who has been sheltered all her life. Most girls her age are already married but when she was little, her older sister was brutally murdered and the family never moved on from the tragedy. Now Penny feels like she needs to get out into the Amish community and live the life she was meant to. On a whim, Penny attends an Evangelical meeting with a friend. While there, she meets Michael Knoxx. Michael is a Mennonite man who lost a limb after an accident and now goes around telling others his testimony. The first time the two of them meet, Michael is an absolute bear and Penny doesn’t realize the pain he is going through.

I really want to be careful with how much I give away in this review because you just have to pick up a copy for yourself. The characters will grow on you like friends. One of the main things I find intriguing about these stories is that I know this area. I have seen the Mennonite and Amish communities in Florida so I can just feel the atmosphere and I love it! I was definitely grateful to “meet” these people – even if it was just in a book – and hear their stories.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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