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Reviewed by Caleb Shadis

Proof of Guilt is the 15th book in the Inspector Rutledge series. I started the series with A Lonely Death which is the 13th book and I have to say I enjoy each one more than the last. I am hoping to get some time and read the earlier books in the series as well.

This mystery starts with an apparent hit and run of a gentleman in a sleepy little community on the edge of London. However, things don’t seem to fit. The man has no identification on him and while he was obviously hit by a car and even dragged a short distance, the accident does not appear to have been where the body was actually discovered.

The man had a fancy pocket watch and Inspector Rutledge was able to trace it to its owner. The owner wasn’t the dead man himself, but was nowhere to be found either. The mystery deepens instead of getting clearer when the watch is traced. Where is the watch’s owner and who is the dead man and why does he have the watch? To add to the mystery, the missing man’s cousin was supposed to be arriving any day; his luggage was found but there was no trace of him anywhere.

To add to Rutledge’s troubles, the acting Superintendent of the Yard thinks he knows more about who is guilty or innocent and is trying to direct Rutledge to a fast closing of the case instead of actually trying to find the guilty party. This leads Rutledge to use unconventional means to find information he considers vital for the case.

I found Proof of Guilt to be a very good mystery and I fully enjoyed reading it from start to finish. Rutledge is a troubled man. He still has issues from his time in the trenches during the great war, but he is an excellent detective. He does his job and he cares about doing it right. Even when he is ordered to do things he thinks are wrong, he will perform them all the while working without disobeying his orders to get to the bottom of the mystery. All the books in this series are excellent and I highly recommend them.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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