Reviewed by Erin McKibbin

In a world where time is just a destination and magic abounds, those who can wield both are the mightiest of all. Etcheon, a mild mannered young man living outside of a small village, discovers that his loving grandmother (and only relative) has kept a secret from him – a secret that promises to change his whole world and his perceptions about the universe!

The kingdom of the Purcatians was ruled by a benevolent king and queen. Hidden behind an invisible wall deep in the forest, these people who were pure of heart lived out their lives in peace and love. That is, until the day when the greedy King Yiltor of a neighboring kingdom decided to invade and take the Purcatians’ land and prosperity for his very own. Urged on and armed by an evil wizard (with designs of his own), Yiltor successfully conquers the Purcatian kingdom, forcing the king and queen to send their infant son, Etcheon the Younger, into hiding through time and space, knowing that it is his destiny to return and save his people from captivity and torment.

Upon his grandmother’s death, Etcheon the Younger comes into the knowledge of his history and his future. He is whisked away to the age of creation where he is trained by the Ancient and his animal companions on what he needs to know in order to rescue the Purcatians. The Ancient, the oldest tree, holds the secrets of time as well as provides a protected home for Tarainisafari, Etcheon’s teacher, friend, and consort.

In Prince Etcheon, Joann Arnold creates a very ingenious tale of wonder. Concepts of timelines and magical worlds are presented with fresh perspectives with beguiling characters to help the reader find footing in the endearing tale that is Prince Etcheon and the secret of the Ancient.

Rating: 5/5

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