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Reviewed by Charity Lyman

I am a sucker for a good mystery. I look for the story that has me guessing who the bad guy is and why he did it all the way through to the end. I think I found an excellent one in The Red Book of Primrose House by Marty Wingate. This appears to be the second novel in the Potting Shed Mystery Series and while I have not read the first one, it is now on my to-read list.

The book opens with someone being murdered. They knew too much and got in the way–to put it plainly. The story then cuts to the main characters. The heroine is Pru Parke. She is an older woman and has just gotten the much coveted job of head gardener at, you guessed it, the Primrose House. She has a boyfriend, Christopher Pierce, who happens to be a Detective Chief Inspector. They met in the first book while on a case and things are going along great for them. Pru is doing her job of landscaping and designing but when the murder happens, will Pru become a victim as she searches for the answers?

My favorite aspect of this book is Pru herself. She is an older woman – not often heard of in mystery books – and I love her spunky attitude! She is feisty and wants to do things on her own but isn’t afraid to call in help from Christopher when she needs it. Of course, she often needs him for things not related to the case! I think her boyfriend (feels funny calling him a boyfriend when he is in his 50’s?) does an excellent job of protecting without being overbearing. I think the secondary characters play out perfectly as well. And Robbie was probably my favorite.

The mystery is well guarded in here! I kept swinging back and forth on who I thought the murderer was and why they had done what they did. There are little tidbits tossed to the reader to keep them guessing but to never be quite sure of their guesses. Great job at that Marty Wingate!! Just a word of caution that there are some scenes that are a bit intimate. Nothing in detail but it definitely heads in that direction. Overall, a great book that kept me turning pages to the end.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Charity lives in Illinois and is the oldest of 6 children. The family also has 3 dogs and a cat. Reading is a hobby when not cooking, baking, sewing or enjoying music. She reads many different genres but Christian fiction is a favorite. Charity can be found often at her blog, Giveaway Lady

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