Reviewed by Amanda B.

For over twenty years, Charlie McNally produced blockbuster stories for the Channel 3 News and helped the channel win the November ratings contest. Now, at 46, she is starting to worry about the quality of her stories, and about getting fired and replaced with someone half her age and half her salary. To add to the pressure, Charlie has a new boss, so she knows she must come up with the story of a lifetime.

Charlie is assigned to interview the wife of an accident victim and while there, the wife asks Charlie why she ignored her husband’s emails before his death. Back at the office, Charlie digs through the email trash folder and learns that the accident victim sent the same cryptic email to two other people.

Charlie is intrigued, starts asking more questions and thinks she may be on to something big. The accident has now been ruled as suicide but Charlie is not so sure. Her own investigation leads her straight to Josh Gelston who is very helpful and handsome, but is he too helpful? Can she trust him or will she end up as a victim in the next lead story?

Prime Time has the makings of a great book with interesting characters, a mix of humor and suspense, and an engaging plot. However, the story was told in first person and I found myself struggling to stay interested. The story jumped from thought to thought, then back to someone talking, then back to the thoughts in Charlie’s head. It was very difficult to stay focused and follow the story at hand. Prime Time is definitely for readers who enjoy a light read, and do not mind the first person narrative.

Amanda resides in North West Georgia and is a mother of two young boys. She received a degree in Early Childhood Education, specializes in computers and runs a daycare. She is hardly ever found without a book in her a hand, reading at least five books a week.