Reviewed by Jen K.

I really wanted to find a cool science kit for my six year old, but choosing was slightly difficult as one seemed relatively indistinguishable from the next. Then I discovered one kit that really stood out from the crowd! Thanks to a clever overall approach and unique packaging, Potato Chip Science is unlike any other kit out there. In lieu of a box, all the goodies come enclosed in a very realistic looking potato chip bag. It’s the right size and shape and even made from the same crinkly material, so it feels exactly like a regular chip bag when you’re holding it. Printed at the top is “High in Saturated FACTS!”

What’s inside the faux chip bag: the Potato Chip Science book, biodegradable base, optical stickers, spud-powered sound chip, spud-powered clock, biodegradable packing chips, wire connectors, eco-friendly starch knife, potato propulsion pipe, electrodes, 6 chip lids, and some googly eyes. The smaller, more delicate items are enclosed in a sealed plastic bag, while the yellow biodegradable packing chip float around. The effect is that when you open the bag and peer inside, it resembles a bag of chips. Continuing with the theme, every one of the experiments is centered around potatoes and potato chips.

Even without all the extras, I was very impressed with the actual book inside the kit. Twenty-nine different experiments are pretty evenly split between five chapters: Bags, Chips, Lids, Spuds, and Tubes. Jump right in and get your hands salty by building an air rocket out of potato chip bags, make a clock out of a tater, grow a potato pal, or construct a chip tube bird feeder. I am not terribly scientific and really liked that the instructions for the experiments were very clear cut and super easy to follow. We also liked that there were lots of illustrations (mostly in chip colored yellows and browns) and tiny facts sprinkled in that made it fun to read. The result was that it didn’t feel like we were reading an instruction manual, but rather enjoying learning all about spuds.

Overall, we found Potato Chip Science to be a super fun and extremely well put together science kit that we can’t wait to delve into further. It’s so neat that Allen Kurzweil had a great idea and Workman Publishing made it a reality.

Jen lives in Michigan with her husband and six year old son. She writes reviews of children’s books on her blog, FIRR-Kids and loves filling her shelves with cookbooks.

This kit was provided free of any obligation by Workman Publishing. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.