Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Plain Fear: Forbidden is the second in a series and picked right up from where Plain Fear: Forsaken left off. I didn’t read the first book but was not lost at all. The story begins with Rachel, who is recently widowed and expecting her first child. She has moved back in with her family and is starting to feel overwhelmed due to the fact that they are afraid to leave her alone. So when an old friend comes back and tells her that he can help her find out what happened to Josef (her dead husband), she jumps at the chance to get away and find answers.

Rachel’s world is quickly turned upside down due to the fact that Jacob, aka Akiva, is now a vampire bent on seeking revenge for being turned away by Rachel’s sister Hannah. Rachel finds herself at the mercy of Akiva in Louisiana and due any time to deliver her baby. While Akiva is away, she manages to escape with the help of Roc. Roc is a vampire hunter who is also widowed and wants to help rid the world of vampires.

Roc and Rachel form a friendship as they try to stay ahead of Akiva, who is determined to find them. Soon, Roc and Rachel start to feel more than friendship towards one another, but are hesitant due to her being Amish and baptized by the church. As the story moves on, we are introduced to Roc’s friends Roberto (a vampire hunter) and Brody (New Orleans police officer). There’s more to Brody than meets the eye, while Roberto is a true friend who helps Roc fight the vampires in Ohio. The vampires created by Leanna Ellis are more like the traditional vampires, not like the more recent ones that sparkle. This is a great story about friendship, forgiveness, trust, and the unknown.

I found Plain Fear: Forbidden to be an interesting combination of vampires and the Amish. I liked how the story developed and drew the reader into Rachel’s world. I felt like I was there with Rachel fighting vampires and then going about life as usual in the Amish community. If you are looking for a traditional Amish story, pass this one up, but if you’re looking for something different, I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more by Leanna Ellis and I hope there’s more to Roc and Rachel’s story.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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