From Phyllis Hoffman, author of Honey, It’s All in the Shoes

I have received the most interesting and wonderful emails about this book. The one that has touched me the most was from a friend of mine who recounts the day her mother had to give up high heels! With a serious illness that left her crippled, she said “giving up her heels was worse than giving up her legs to a wheel chair”. As I reflected on that statement it further confirmed to me that women who love shoes know that they are an outward expression of the innermost being.

I hope the book will encourage women everywhere to celebrate their uniqueness. Each has a gift, each gift is different and is meant to be shared with others. For it is through giving that we find ourselves. We can change someone’s day with a kind word of encouragement. Make a difference today…..in great shoes!

Walking with you,
Phyllis Hoffman