Reviewed by Jenna A.

Historically, Petra is thought after as being a marvelous city only surpassed by its own beauty and enormous prescence of sand and stone. But in the highly anticipated novel, Petra, by T.L. Higley, the insurmountable darkness that threatens the characters far outweighs this city’s vast glory.

A young woman, Cassia, and her son, Alexander, escape Damascus after the brutal death of her husabnd. Fleeing to Petra to find Alexander’s family – a family unknown to her or Alex – she finds herself on a journey much more perilous than anyone imagines. Similarly, a young Roman, Julian, must flee Rome for save his life. He must follow his destiny and fight to help Cassia when her son is taken by the evil queen, and take the lead to defend God’s people. Together they must start a revolution that puts the very core of good and evil to the test.

Reading this story of historical value and intrigue transports readers to the cliffs of Petra. Breathing in the sand and fear of the people, the reader fights alongside Cassia. With a strong plot and an equally impressive romantic subplot, Petra will provide plenty of intrigue even for those readers who do not normally flock to the plights of religous fiction. T.L. Higley does it again with interesting and complex characters, and enough suspense to have us wanting more.

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