Looking for a memorable yet affordable gift?

I recently received a personalized bookmark from PersonalizationMall.com and have been toting it around ever since. I tend to throw my books in my purse, under the car seat, in the trunk, etc. and paper bookmarks have a very short life in such conditions. The You Name It Personalized Leather Photo Bookmark is proving to be up to the challenge! I got mine in pink leather, with LuxuryReading.com engraved on it, and it even has room for a small photo – in my case, my dog’s. Better yet, the engraving is like a mini advertisement!

The leather bookmarks are available in pink, blue and black, and there are a variety of other bookmarks to choose from. PersonalizationMall.com also has an endless variety of items ready to be personalized – from Christmas-themed gifts like stockings and mugs, to jewelry and office items. Gifts are also conveniently sorted by occasions or recipients, making it quick and easy to find something perfect!