Reviewed by Erin N.

The cover of Perfection by Julie Metz states that it is “a memoir of betrayal and renewal.” It is more than that. To even say that this novel is a candid chronicle of Julie’s journey through loss and betrayal just doesn’t do her book justice. Perfection is a brave and profound glimpse into the heart and mind of a grieving woman and her liberation from despondency.

Julie Metz begins her story with the death of her husband at home. Henry had been a presence, an intense personality whose very being overshadowed the lives of those he crossed paths with. The morning he suddenly died on the kitchen floor, he left Julie a widow with a small daughter and a lifestyle that was just beginning to crumble. As Julie progresses through her grief in the small town she and her husband had built their lives in, she stumbles upon information that sets her grief into a tailspin. Henry had been unfaithful. Right up to the end he had been in a long term affair with a woman Julie had thought was her friend. And, this wasn’t the only “other woman” in his life. Henry had led a double life leaving Julie to question if she even knew the man she was mourning.

With the help of friends, family, and the unexpected alliance found within Henry’s consorts, Julie is capable of discovering the depths of her husband’s melancholy, the true nature of their marriage, and herself. Armed with this empathy and knowledge, she is able to forgive Henry and build a life for herself and her daughter in a manner that makes sense for them both. Julie Metz is very courageous to have written Perfection and we are all honored to read it.

Erin fell in love with the written word as a small child and subsequently spent most of her life happily devouring literature. She works as a freelance news, marketing, and technical writer. Erin lives just outside of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

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