Reviewed by Coy M.

In a time when the men were off fighting the Trojan War and women were known as either troublemakers or threats, as written in The Odyssey, comes a girl that even Homer himself didn’t know about. Odysseus’ daughter.

Xanthe was born two years after Telemachus and mere months after Odysseus’ departure for the War. Xanthe grows up in a fatherless world, where suitors hound every inch of their home, and her mother is too busy coming up with ways to take control of her land. Even long after the war has ended, there is no sign of Odysseus; the suitors are quick to realize that if Telemachus is killed and Penelope is taken out of the way, the husband of Xanthe will become the inheritor of Odysseus’ lands.

To protect her daughter, Penelope decides to fake Xanthe’s death and sends her off to live with her cousin, Helen of Troy. At first, Xanthe blames Helen for being the cause of the War, but as she meets the beautiful and eccentric woman, she learns that Helen too was a victim of Aphrodite’s tricks and Xanthe comes to love her as a second mother.

Xanthe spends five years in Sparta and becomes fond of her life there, and returns to Ithaca with great reluctance. There, she is thought to be Telemachus’ cousin and is hidden out of the way. But one day, an old man arrives in Ithaca and Xanthe finds her life in an uproar as the old man is revealed to be her father. After getting rid of the suitors, Odysseus is reunited with his land, wife, son and a daughter he never [amazonify]0425236625[/amazonify]knew about. As the family is brought back together, Xanthe’s future is thrust in the hands of a man who is practically a stranger and she finds herself yearning for the lover she left in Sparta. Will her father force Xanthe to marry a suitor she doesn’t love or respect or will she finally find herself in the arms of the one she’s meant to be with?

I am not a big fan of Homer’s portrayal of women, so this book was definitely a nice fit for me. Laurel Corona’s idea is original, fresh and depicted so beautifully that it literally takes the readers’ breath away. Combining romance, action and adventure, Penelope’s Daughter is a wonderful book crafted a talent that almost anyone would enjoy!

Coy M. is pursuing a degree in writing, which is a great passion of hers. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

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