Reviewed by Christen Krumm

Paula Deen is the queen of southern cooking. She has a stellar website, a television show, and quite a few restaurants on the map. This southern born lady has really made a name for herself in and out of the kitchen! Her newest cookbook, Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible, gives us over three hundred recipes of yummy southern goodness. You know you are in for a treat right from the five page introduction. Paula just has to make you smile with her “ya’ll”s – gotta love that southern accent!

You could literally take this cookbook and build your entire menu start to finish. With seventeen chapters, it covers everything from appetizers, soups, brunch dishes, to  – my personal favorite – pies, and so so much more. My mouth watered just reading the table of contents – do not even get me started on reading the actual recipes!

I have many cookbooks on my shelves that hardly ever get used because the ingredients for the recipes are obscure, hard to find, and often leave me running to Google to figure out what they actually are. One of my favorite things about Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible is that just about every recipe has ingredients that are simple and easy to find. I also love the tips that are included in many of the recipes; these tips made me feel as if Paula was right beside me walking you through each step. The only complaint I have is that – as with most cookbooks – there are not enough photos! But, the photos that are included in Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible are gorgeous and make me want to run to my kitchen and cook up a storm.

With its wide range of meals and dishes, Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible could possibly be the only cookbook you need on your shelf. And, in all good southern hospitality, it would also make a great hostess gift (or wedding gift or graduation gift or housewarming gift)!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Christen graduated from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith with a BA in English. She’s a coffee drinking stay at home mom by day and a freelance writer/editor by night. She currently resides in Arkansas with her husband and daughter and is excited to welcome a son in August.

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