Please welcome Patricia Selbert, author of the new novel, The House of Six Doors!

by Patricia Selbert

You asked what is my inspiration for writing?

My inspiration is the human race. I find it incredibly fascinating. One of my favorite things to do is to put myself in a character’s circumstances and unravel why they’re behaving the way they are. I wonder what is motivating them. That’s why I’m a novelist. Characters fascinate me, and for me, stories start with characters.

I love sitting in a coffee shop, a park or walking up and down the isles of a grocery store and observing people. I’ll see an individual I don’t know who inspires me because of the argument they’re having with someone else, or because of the way they’re dressed and rushing around, or because of the way they carry themselves, or the expression on their face. Any of those things can ignite a story in me. Sometimes I start a story and it just dissipates but sometimes, if I’m lucky, the story keeps building and building — right into a short story or a novel.

My luxury?

Luxury to me is having an afternoon free. I turn my off cell my cell phone and computer and sit by the ocean with pen, paper, and a cup of Chai. Then I can write long-hand straight from my heart.

About The House of Six Doors

Moving somewhere new is never easy, but for 13-year-old Serena, leaving her Caribean island home to come to America presents unimaginable struggles. A tumultuous blend of culture shock, homesickness and mental illness tests her power to survive and flourish in a new country. In The House of Six Doors, Selbert delivers an inspiring story about family, failure and perseverance.

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