passover surprise book coverI have 1 copy of The Passover Surprise by Janet Ruth Heller to give away! Open to U.S. residents only

About the book

Lisa and her little brother Jon enjoy collecting stamps. But when their father determines which child will get the new large stamp album, he bases his decision on his preconceived idea that stamp collecting is a boy’s hobby, not a girl’s hobby. Lisa has to learn how to discuss her feelings with her father in a calm and honest way. Her mother, her teacher, and her friends provide guidance to Lisa as her talk with her father and Passover, approach.

The Passover Surprise combines a Civil Rights Era backdrop and experiences from Heller’s own Jewish upbringing to illustrate issues of the time like racism and sexism.

It also includes a Discussion Guide at the back for parents and teachers and a glossary of Hebrew terms used in the book, making it a great primer for readers not yet familiar with Jewish traditions.

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