paris for one book coverReviewed by Christen Krumm

Jojo Moyes follows the releases of Me Before You and After You with a collection of short stories that are sure to please. Paris for One is perfect for that time when you want to sit down and enjoy a story or two, but have no time for a full length novel.

“Paris for One”, the cornerstone of the book, is a different coming of age story. Nell, our main character, is twenty-six and is living life in a bubble. She is the over cautious, never adventurous girl (unless you count that annual weekend with her girlfriends) who decides to step outside her comfort zone and plan a romantic getaway to Paris with her boyfriend. Only when she gets to Paris she realizes she has been stood up. Instead of wasting her money and going home she reluctantly decides to stay in Paris and enjoy the city herself. Over the weekend she really comes out of her shell, meets someone new, and, when she returns from her weekend, has the courage to quit her loathed day job to do what she really wants to do.

“Paris for One” was the longest story in the collection and my favorite. I loved watching Nell transform from a shy duckling to a strong woman who tells her boyfriend off for ditching her for the weekend. I also loved Nell’s friends (they make a few cameo appearances). This has all the makings for a fun romantic comedy (oh please, movie gods, make this happen!)

There are eight stories that follow “Paris for One”. The stories all range in length and cover everything from marriages on the rocks to wives fighting for those they love. I had two favorite from the eight. One tells the story of a pair of shoes who changed a woman’s life (it makes me want to get a pair of those shoes! Read it, and you will see what I mean!). The second story is about a woman who needs a coat, but does not have the money to purchase the one that she really wants. It is so heartbreakingly beautiful how she ends up with that coat.

This compilation is a really quick read—I am not a fast reader and I read it in an afternoon. It would be perfect for a plane ride, or just on your nightstand for a quick wind down in the evening before bed.

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