Please welcome my friend Edward Blaine Livingston with his new book of poetry, Pare My Heart!

by Edward

I don’t usually go too deeply into why I write something or what it’s about personally for me, just as an artistic principle, but I will share a little.

Pare My Heart is a book of largely metered and entirely rhyming poems, some of them about love, romantic love, some about childhood, some about God/religion, some just about observing the world in a philosophic way. Some of them are referential to a girl I was in love with in childhood and adolescence and others are entirely separate from that. I feel that the whole thing forms a kind of narrative, though it may be deceptive and not grounded in the actual inspiration of the poems (at times).

I think I would like to say that my work stresses musicality and a kind of childlike enjoyment of the sound of words, the rhythm of phrases and rhyme. Certainly it is full of references to fairies, ghosts, selkies and all manner of imaginary stuff that is out of fashion for poems today. It lacks the gravitas of contemporary poetry, but this is delibrate.