Reviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Rachel Morgan is on the outs with the witch community, who will stop at nothing to keep her shunning from being lifted. If Rachel can’t get herself to San Francisco in three days to attend the witch convention, she has no hope of clearing her name and being able to practice magic again. Trent Kalamack, dirty business mogul and the man whom Rachel loves to hate, needs Rachel’s help to get to Seattle. He has some personal business to attend to, but isn’t forthcoming with information.

Though she doesn’t trust Trent, she has to admit that she needs his help. The unlikely pair pile into a car and head out on a paranormal road trip filled with unexpected bumps in the road and plenty of laughs for dedicated Hollows fans. But all hell literally could break loose when an ancient threat sets his sights on Rachel and her unique abilities.

Pale Demon, the 9th book in Kim Harrison’s best-selling urban fantasy series about bounty hunter/witch Rachel Morgan, is a welcome addition to my favorite series. I still remember the exact day I picked up The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, intrigued by the cover and thinking it was the first in a series. I was wrong–it was the second book in the series–but it hooked me nonetheless. As soon as I finished it, I went back for the first book, Dead Witch Walking, and was just as captivated by Harrison’s narrative and the wonderful characters she writes.

With as many series as there are out there, it’s hard to know which ones to read. Without any doubt, Kim Harrison’s Hollows series is one of my personal favorites. It’s one that you need to start right at the very beginning; anyone who tries jumping in at later books is sure to be frustrated and confused. Harrison doesn’t waste time summarizing past books for the readers, and I actually love this about her writing. Where many series begin to fizzle out around the 9th book (and sometimes even earlier in), The Hollows series is just as good–if not better–then when it first came out in 2004.

Rating: 4/5

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She occasionally dabbles with her own fiction writing, particularly with the Young Adult and Paranormal genres. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and daughter.

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