3b20d9e4d21aeb2227994019d8472615Reviewed by MaryLu McFall 

In spite of the clunky title, Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? is an attention grabbing book that matches the enticing question. Implied in that title is the idea immensely popular in the conspiracy community; this is a community that believes that a group of elite human beings run the planet and control human destinies. The author takes many of those ideas to their believable limits and beyond. In spite of that, it’s a book that makes you stop and think about the alternative histories that are presented. Perhaps it’s human nature to want to believe impossible things at least twice a day.

Jim Marrs is described as a journalist; he writes in a straight-forward fashion and that style lends a shade of credibility to his topics. Of which there are many. He has written books about aliens, UFOs, the plot to kill Kennedy, the financial control of the world by bankers (this is not hard to believe at all), 9/11, and more. This book has impressive list of sources that go on for page after page. Most of those sources tempt one to do more research just for the sake of qualifying some of Marrs’ implications.

It was difficult to read this book without occasionally wanting to pitch the thing across the room. This comment comes from one who has read a good deal in occult/alternative theory field. Some of Marrs’ odd-ball ideas have caused him to be regarded as more than a little off the wall. It’s been said that he simply shrugs off that kind of criticism. More power to him, especially since he writes with such sincerity about these topics that he brings the reader to the brink of that willing suspension of disbelief.

In Part I, Marrs discusses the origin of the solar system, the origin of life on our planet (there are quite a few new theories about this in many fields today), the possibility that aliens were the gods that many cultures worshiped (and those gods bred humans as slaves, also intermarrying), and who descended and lived in the Middle East and established the Sumerian civilization. Supposedly these aliens were in search of gold. Perhaps not so oddly, gold has been prized through almost every civilization on earth, all through history.

In Parts II and III Marrs presents more and more information about events that changed the course of history, affected the financial centers of the world, and implies over and over that these same aliens have altered the genetic structure of human beings. These same aliens, by intermarrying with earth women, have inserted some of their own genetic structure into the genome. He does mention that some of the aliens are “reptilian” in nature; he connects that to the Royal Family in England. I had read that idea before some months ago.

Marrs pulls together an amazing amount of material, much of it from his own books. If you’re at all interested in these topics and haven’t read anything in the occult/alternative field before, this is certainly the book to tweak your appetite. It’s enjoyable and interesting. Even the remarks about many specialists in many fields being too tied to establishment thinking make good points. He gives examples of scientists who have been ignored, denied, and ridiculed and one can understand the frustration of those who have been so treated. This is definitely not a book to be dismissed, or tossed across the room.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Mary Lu is the author of Passports to Change Revisited 2012, now on Kindle. She lives in Newnan, Georgia and does research and customer service at an independent bookstore in Peachtree City. She is the author of another two novels which will soon be available on Kindle.

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