Please welcome Cerece Rennie Murphy, author of Order of the Seers, who is touring the blogosphere with Pump Up Your Book!

Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Imagine being sixteen and thirteen and having your whole life turned upside down. Then you find yourself on the run from unknown people and you have no idea why. That is what happens to Liam and Lilli; they find themselves on the run from The Guild. The Guild claims to manage and rehabilitate the Seers (people who have the ability to see the future) but really tortures and controls them to do their work; the society finds itself above the law and governments in all of the countries. Its members will go to all lengths to capture and control all of the Seers in the world. However, they meet their match when it comes to Liam and Lilli. Liam will do anything to protect his younger sister and she him.

After traveling alone for a while, they are drawn to a commune and a possible friend of their father’s that is hidden from the world, and most importantly the Guild. As they adapt to living with others, they begin to trust again and develop friendships. As the story goes along, there are other Seers who find their way to the commune, and they too are welcomed into the fold. Some of the Seers that arrive at the commune are different from the others; they have escaped from the Guild and know first-hand what they are up against. As the number of Seers increases, they start to develop plans against the Guild. At the same time the Guild has their own Seers trying to find the renegade Seers.

The renegade Seers all adapt to being around other people like them, they develop and hone their abilities, and work together to try and bring down the Guild. This story combines family, friendship, love, danger, discovery and loss all into one; and it does it magnificently. The Seers discover that they have more abilities than just seeing the future, which is to their advantage because the Guild administers Luridium to the captured Seers dampening their seeing abilities; they are unaware of the full potential of the Seers. There are more than a few surprises in this story and of course the ending leaves you wanting more.

As I was reading this story, I felt immersed into Liam and Lilli’s world and found myself rooting for them and their fight against the Guild. If you’re looking for something different to read, I recommend picking up Order of the Seers and giving it a go.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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