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Reviewed by Erin N.

At the end of the Ottoman Empire, a little girl and her flock of birds hold the key to setting history on the right path. As predicted by the last Tartar King, there would be signs at the birth of this feminine savior: “a sea of horses, a conference of birds, the North Star in alignment with the moon,” and two Tartar women shall arrive to midwife her birth.

On the day Eleanora Cohen was born in Constanta, a flock of Hoopoes congregated around her house, the Tsar’s Royal Calvary rode into town to claim it for Russia, and Mrs. Damakan and her niece arrived just in time from the next village to help Leah Cohen deliver herself of her one and only child. But did this mean that Eleanor is fated to save the world?

The only daughter of a Jewish carpet merchant, Eleanora’s genius intellect and devotion to her father bring her to the city of Stamboul, and ultimately to the notice of His Excellency Sultan Abdulhamid II, the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Fascinated by her understanding of literature and history at such a young age, Abdulhamid invites Eleanora to the palace.

Much to the dismay of his Grand Vizier, the Sultan sought for and took Eleanor’s advice on matters of political import. Much to Eleanora’s dismay, the Sultan’s interest captured the imagination of an American reporter, and ultimately that of the empire. Was Eleanora ready to step into the role that seemed fated for her or was this a case of mistaken identity?

Michael David Lukas creates a fascinating tale about old world prophesies and responsibilities as that old world fades away before the rise of our modern society. Using the late 19th century history of Romania and Istanbul as a backdrop, he brings forth a magical world where prophesies are real, Sultans and Tsars quest for power, and the masses come to the court of a little girl for council.

In The Oracle of Stamboul, readers of all ages will experience the end of an era and the beginning of a strange new world.

Rating: 5/5

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