Spurred by the disappearance of several blogs (taken down by Google for no good reason and with no warning to the owner), I’m contemplating a move to WordPress. Thank to Stacie at Simply Stacie blog, I found Jessica at iDesign who promises to make the move seamless for my readers.

I like the clean and minimalistic look of Luxury Reading, so I will do my best to keep it the same.  However, WordPress runs differently from Blogger, and I need to select a theme that will be the “backbone” of the blog. This is where I really need my readers’ input! Let me know what you think of the themes below.
1. MinimaxWhite – this is a sample theme (ignore all the text). The big difference between this theme and the current Luxury Reading layout is that the posts will be in snippets. Basically, instead of seeing the entire post, you will see a snippet with an image and the first paragraph or so. You will then have the option to click to read more. This will allow more posts to be visible on the front page. 
2. WP-Ellie – the sidebar here can be either on the right or left side. This theme has the option of having snippets (as I just discovered) or having regular blog posts. It can also be customized to have small thumbnail snippets as you see when you click on the link, or having more expanded ones. WordPress also allows me to place a “read more” break wherever I choose.
I do like the idea of having snippets and having more posts visible per page, but I could try to find a theme that is as close as possible to the current Luxury Reading layout…
Have any features or improvements you want to see on Luxury Reading? Let me know!