Reviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

When Larry Levin and his adopted twin sons, Noah and Dan, went to a local vet hospital with an ill cat, they did not expect to return with another pet, much less one nearly torn apart by a fighting dog. But when Oogy rushed through the doors and into their arms, he claimed them as his family and there was no turning back.

Initially thought to be a pit bull, Oogy was just a puppy when he was used as bait for another dog. Half of his face was torn away, and he was left bleeding and mangled in a cage in an empty building. Thankfully, a police officer took pity on the pup and brought him to Ardmore Hospital, where he was cared for and sewn back together. Despite the savagery he experienced in his life, Oogy never lost his amazing loving spirit, and warmed the hearts of everyone he came into contact with.

The Levins accepted Oogy as one of their own – providing him the love and care he desperately needed – and they never looked back. Despite the enormous amount of medical care that Oogy has required throughout the years, they made it their mission to give him the best life possible, and made good on their promise.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love is a heartwarming account that is likely to appeal to many readers, but especially those with a soft spot for animals. The book also sheds more light on the cruel reality of dog fighting rings; while Oogy’s story has a happy ending, for the majority of fighting dogs and their bait there is no hope in sight. Levin’s writing is sometimes dry and disorganized, but the feeling and compassion behind the story certainly makes up for any weaknesses in the writing itself.

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