online classesWith the rise of online classes, learning is no longer limited to four walls. Who would have thought, that in 1994, when the first completely online course was created, it would turn into more than six million students taking at least one online course. So how did this rise in popularity come about?

The convenience

Continuing your education, while beneficial, can be a drain on your resources. This is not limited to financial resources either. In fact, the difficulty in setting aside the hours not only to attend class, but to travel back and forth to campus is a big reason why most people do not pursue higher education. With an online class, that travel time shrinks down to zero. Instead, the only time needed is the actual class time, allowing for many more busy professionals, students, and parents to attain a higher degree.

The coursework

Of course, all the convenience in the world doesn’t matter if the online coursework isn’t qualified and accredited. While an online degree may have lagged behind a traditional degree in the past, that is no longer the case. More and more professors and business leaders have come to accept online degree and coursework. So much so that there are many ranges of degrees available from engineering, to a master of science in accounting, to classes for those looking to pursue a career in finance. The courses themselves are very adaptable, where the schedule is no longer dictated by when the professor is available. Instead, you can learn in 20 minute chunks, or sit down and focus for hours at a time. It’s all tailored to best suit your learning needs.

The benefits

One of the biggest benefits of online courses is how specialized the classes can be. Like the web itself, there is a huge database of information, but you can easily narrow it down to a specific focus. This is great if you’re not looking for a degree, but instead want to increase your skill set. For instance, there are courses that teach you how to build an app, or learn about the basics on electronic cables and connectors. These classes are all very consumer oriented, helping people develop specific skill sets without having to spend a lot of money or time.

The biggest benefit of an online degree is the ability to choose. You no longer have to spend time in a physical classroom to get a degree, instead, you can get a great education in the comfort and convenience of your own home. It’s no wonder that we’ve seen such a rise in online education, a trend that’s sure to continue into the future.

Image by mortsan used under the Creative Commons license