my-one-square-inch-of-alaskaI have 2 copies of My One Square Inch of Alaska by Sharon Short to give away!

About the book

Set in Midwest Ohio and brimming with 1950’s nostalgia, Short’s moving debut is a moving tale of exploration and love that dares to believe the impossible. Talented high school senior Donna Lane yearns to leave her small town in pursuit of a career in fashion design, but feels obligated to stay and care for her helpless father and her younger brother, Will. In fragile health, Will is obsessed with the television show Sergeant Striker and the Alaskan Wild and his dearest companion is a mute Siberian husky named Trusty. More than anything else, Will wants to collect enough Marvel Puffs cereal box tops to win his own one square inch of Alaska.

Two newcomers to town will inspire Donna to consider her dreams anew. Especially Jimmy Denton, son of the local mill boss, who starts dating Donna and causes the entire neighborhood to notice. When Will’s health deteriorates, Donna packs up their yellow convertible—with Will, Trusty, and a road atlas—and heads north on a trip that will change them forever.

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