Reviewed by Coy M.

Jane Aaron grew up knowing that there was something that separated her from her relatives – the fact that she was adopted. In a family where pale skin and blue eyes is the norm, and where cooking is as natural as breathing, Jane, with her olive-tinted skin and her aversion to cooking, feels that she does not fully belong. Little things that separate her from her family prickle at Jane. Under the pressure to get away, Jane packs up, leaves her family, fiancé and career behind, and travels to a place where she hopes to find herself: Cedar Springs, Texas.

Asher Price, handsome and rich, recently lost his wife in a car accident. Juggling both his career and kids, Asher, in a desperate need for a nanny, hires Jane to take care of his two children: strong-willed Riley and little, energetic Levi. What follows are tense weeks in which Jane manages to bond with the kids and Asher, and come to an agreement which suits both of their needs perfectly. Soon, as Jane begins to fit into the Price household, Asher begins to see her in a different light and a small attraction develops between the father and the nanny.

When Jane finally comes upon the truths about her birth mother and Susanna’s death (Asher’s late wife) and the relationship between the two, she finds herself trying to keep her own and Asher’s life together as everything spins out of their control. Now that she knows about her past, can Asher and Jane’s love survive?

Julia London’s book One Season of Sunshine was a very engaging book that would absorb many readers, making it hard for them to put the book down. One Season of Sunshine is a clear portrayal of family, love and all the ties that bind us together. The characters, all of whom evolved over the course of the book, were also very easy to understand and sympathize with.

Coy M. is pursuing a degree in writing, which is a great passion of hers. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

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