once upon a wine book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Cammie thinks that life can’t get any worse. She’s working as a waitress after her restaurant failed and her chef boyfriend left her and their business behind. But then she discovers that her aunt Ginger spontaneously purchased a vineyard near the place her family used to visit in Delaware, and her cousin Kat begs her to help them figure out how to make the vineyard work.

When Cammie arrives there, she is shocked to discover that the property is in bad shape. Despite her research about wine, she finds that she may need more help, and that comes in the form of an old flame, local farmer Ian. As Ian begins to help Cammie see the potential of the vineyard, she starts to remember everything she loved about him and their relationship long ago. But Cammie has big aspirations. Even if the vineyard succeeds, will she stay there or move on to keep pursuing her dreams?

Beth Kendrick’s latest novel, Once Upon a Wine, was an absolute delight to read from beginning to end. While it was a predictable tale, I would definitely describe it as the perfect summer read. Ian and Cammie’s relationship was a breath of fresh air.

In addition to a little bit of romance, this is also a fantastic story about the importance of family. Ginger, Cammie and Kat are a close-knit family that would do anything for each other. It is also great to see these women discovering themselves and what they really want. It’s a feel-good story that you won’t soon forget!

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