on a desert shore book coverReviewed by Charity Lyman

Opening a book can be therapeutic. Sometimes, it is merely a way to pass the time. Other times, I feel like books take me to another world. Such was the case with my most recent read, On A Desert Shore by S. K. Rizzolo. We were traveling and I figured a book would keep me occupied for a bit, but I ended up finishing it in one day and very much enjoying the story.

On a Desert Shore appears to be the fourth in a series and bounces back and forth between three people’s point of view. As I have not read the rest of the books, I am not sure which characters are in them, other than John Chase and Penelope Wolfe. John Chase is a member of the infamous Bow Street Runners, a police force of sorts in the underworld of London. He is not a young man and carries a cane because of a knee injury, but his mind is as agile as can be, making him a man worth his pay. This time he is hired to bodyguard the daughter of a wealthy man, Hugo Garrod, who is worried about her mind. People seem to be playing pranks on her, maybe even endangering her body, but could she be doing them to herself for the attention? Chase must figure out before things turn deadly!

Mrs. Penelope Wolfe was somewhat hard to read. She married young, has a little girl of her own and a wandering husband, but is also mixed up with Barrister Edward Buckler. She definitely has a mind of her own. When a wealthy gentleman, Hugo Garrod, invites her to his home to pen an article about himself, she feels uncomfortable and is warned more than once to be careful by Chase and Buckler. Needless to say, they are all drawn into a mystery involving Jamaican curses, healers and poisoned sugar cubes, plus a woman from John’s past.

There were a few swear words and a kissing scene but nothing major. This one will be getting added to my library and awaiting the other books in the series!

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Review copy was provided free of any obligation by S.K. Rizzolo. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.