I love writing and talking about books (if you haven’t noticed), but I thought I’d take a post and discuss something that is off topic for Luxury Reading. I hope to continue doing “off topic” posts at least a few times month to bring some variety to the usual topics of discussion.

EPM_3925Wendy Fitos is a great make-up artist and I was fortunate enough to find her for my wedding back in September. She did a beautiful job on the entire bridal party – guys included! I’d like to share a short article she wrote on brow tips.

Guest post by Wendy Fitos

It is true – eyebrows can make or break a look. When shaped and filled in correctly, you can look 10 years younger or more sophisticated and polished. Here are a couple of my favorite tips:

When filling in the eyebrow, hold the brow tautly and fill in from the outer end of the brow to the where the brow meets the nose. By filling in this way, your pencil will actually color in the skin versus just making the eyebrow hair look darker. If your brows are sparse, they will look much more natural.

If you already have beautiful natural brows and just want to add color, take a soft eyeshadow or brow powder that is close to your color and brush the powder into the brow in the same direction as above. Again, the brow looks finished and pretty without looking overdone.

Blondes-Don’t be afraid of adding color to your eyebrows. When your brows are very fair, they almost disappear. The rule of thumb is that you can add color that will make the brows look a shade or two darker without looking harsh.

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