the nun's tale book coverReviewed by Caleb Shadis

The Nun’s Tale is the third book in the Owen Archer mystery series and I think it’s still getting better! I need to point out something about the covers of these books. Most of the covers (if one were to judge a book by its cover) would suggest that these are more ‘girly’ books. I feel it needs to be noted that while the series is written by a woman and has strong female characters, it is by no means ‘girly’ or chick lit. These books are good, strong, character driven cozy mysteries.

In The Nun’s Tale, a nun who was supposed to be dead and buried miraculously returns from the grave a year later, raving about repentance and ‘our lady’s cloak’ that performs miracles, including raising her from the dead. The nun, Dame Joanna, is a bit strange and her story seems to wander. Lucie is dragged into questioning the nun, since she seems to be the only one who gets any sense out of her. Even though it all seems pretty disjointed to Lucie.

Owen, on the other hand, is tasked by the Archbishop to find out where Joanna has been and corroborate as much of her story as has been deciphered. One item Owen decides to check on is Joanna’s grave, which is now occupied by a more recent – and much more gruesome – death. He also visits Joanna’s family, and discovers she comes from one that was a bit dysfunctional. One of the reasons Owen is chasing these stories is that they might be linked to a treasonous plot on the crown, and Thorsby considers it worthwhile to collect some gratitude should Owen be successful.

Lucie is nearing the end of her pregnancy with Owen’s first child and he is unhappy that she has been involved with this woman. Quite a few people have been found dead in her wake and Owen does not want Lucie to be the next victim.

I found this to be another great book in the story of Lucie and Owen. Both are intelligent and strong-willed characters. This particular mystery was a tangled web of deceit and brutality. It took both Lucie and Owen to get to the bottom of what happened.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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