Reviewed by Jenna A.

When I was thirteen I found out that I was allergic to all dairy products. Imagine my horror when as a little girl I realized that I could no longer eat cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. etc. So begrudgingly, I began a path ionto uncharted territory, so to speak. Trying supplement after supplement, I found out the hard way that I was also allergic to the over the counter medications that were supposed to “ease” lactose intolerance. Because of this allergy, over the years I have found many alternatives to dairy products including veggie cheeses, rice, soy and almond milks, as well as Lactaid brands of milks and products.

Now, eleven years later, I am engaged to someone who has an intolerance to gluten, and we are always looking for new recipes to suit our “special needs”. With our combination of allergies, I was delighted to find No Wheat No Dairy No Problem!

Filled with tastey recipes that both please your taste buds and keep your stomach from rebelling, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem by Lauren Hoover is a must read for anyone with allergies. Although the book’s cover explains that these recipes hold no gluten, or lactose, they also contain no refined sugars which Hoover is allergic to. Whether it’s her fried fish fillets, that will make the reader’s mouth water or the Berry Crisp that is both sweet, crunchy and tangy, Hoover’s cookbook is a hit in my household! Having recipes ranging from simplistic to more complex gives us picky eaters so much to choose from!

No Wheat No Dairy No Problem fully explains the main ingredients, and also includes extremely informative step by step directions. Hoover also delights us with humor and relatability in her introduction, and makes the whole experience like a cozy afternoon with family. I definitely reccommend this cookbook for anyone who is looking to try something new, or those few consumers who have food allergies and are looking for ideas to help them break out of the normal anti-allergenic foods box.

Jenna lives in a small town in Ohio with her fiance and cat Osiris. Along with her passion for reading and the literary world, she is also a painter, poet, fiction writer, and amatuer photographer.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Lauren Hoover. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.