nothing between us book coverReviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

Georgia Delaune does not like to leave her home. Due to fears of the past, she tends to take a more “subtle” approach and stay inside (AKA spying on her neighbor). Coby Wilkes, Georgia’s gorgeous neighbor, whose window gives direct access to plenty of shows, is a counselor and Dom at the Ranch. He’s sensitive to Georgia’s needs as he knows she is watching his every move. What began as a simple love story, one that I thought would take the turn of Colby helping Georgia move on and forward due to her past experiences, changed rather quickly.

Although I started to get into this book, as the new character, Keats, was introduced, I instantly lost interest. I am not a huge fan of reading male on male action and initially, I thought Georgia would fall in love with both of them separately. Instead, everyone fell in love with each other and had plenty of one-on-one love scenes, some too graphic for my taste. I struggle with two men sharing one woman, and although it may be preference for some, I find it tasteless and almost degrading. It was hard for me to finish this book and being quite honest, I did skip over some of the “love” scenes that made me uncomfortable.

Nothing Between Us centered on a love triangle that was too easily accepted and did not have any real meat to it. Since I am not familiar with the lifestyle, I also had a hard time understanding how Georgia was just “alright” with everything and was encouraging to Keats and Colby’s relationship, especially since Keats used to be Colby’s student. I would have loved to have more of a storyline revolving around Georgia and her past, though this could have been told in previous books.

All in all, I was not a fan, however, after reading other reviews it could be because I have not yet read the other five books in the series and with that, was unable to fall in love with the characters over time. Roni Loren writes great erotica, just not for the faint of heart.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Rebecca is passionate and insane, empathetic and aggressive, loud and predictable. She loves reading, writing, shopping and creating. She is what she is and it may not be what the world wants but it is what it is. Love.

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