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Raising a child and a significant other is not easy. Raising a child and a significant other while under the influence of being a former child star is still not easy, but it can be funny. Braving the actor infested streets of LA, a mouth that has a mind of its own, painful clumsiness, and summer camp mania, this Golden Globe nominee triumphs over her “awkward and lovely life” with wisdom and humor.

Quinn Cummings’ 15 minutes of fame are her childhood roles in the movie The Goodbye Girl (1977) and the TV show Family (1977-1980). After her acting career, Quinn lived as a typical teenager (well, typical for LA) while dealing with parental illness and loss. Upon becoming an adult, she tried her hand at being a talent agent with hilarious results. Going forward, she invested in a home with an attitude that forced her to endure out-of-control home remodeling and repairs. Finally, Quinn embraced the joys of a committed relationship with “Consort” and immersed herself in the wacky pleasures of being a stay-at-home mother. Meanwhile, Quinn’s interactions with the animal kingdom border on the bizarre while touching the heart of pet owners everywhere.

Notes from the Underwire is an amusing autobiography in the same vein as Erma Bombeck. Quinn’s ability to charm and move the reader with her hilarious accounts of her daily life as a mother, a partner, and a former child actor (“Former child actors aren’t people…they’re memories from your childhood…) proves that the accolades her web blog (The QC Report) received from Newsweek and USA Today are well deserved. Spend an evening with Quinn Cummings and go to bed with a smile on your face and a good feeling in your heart.

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