We continue our weekend TV show preview with a look at the new ABC series, No Ordinary Family!

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Written by Meg M.

ABC’s new series, No Ordinary Family, presents the life of an ordinary family, consisting of working parents Jim and Stephanie, and their children Daphne and J.J. After years of marriage and failed attempts to balance work and family life, Jim Powell, portrayed by Michael Chiklis of The Shield and the Fantastic Four film series, plans a vacation to reconnect with his family. This attempt to save his family goes horribly awry when their plane crashes in to the Amazon River.

The Powells survive the crash, but begin to discover they have tapped in to some strange new superpowers. Jim, a police artist, is suddenly bullet-proof and super-strong, while his scientist wife Stephanie (Dexter’s Julie Benz) realizes she possesses the ability of super speed. Meanwhile, their teenagers J.J. and Daphne struggle with powers of intelligence (J.J.) and telepathy (Daphne). Now the Powells must find the purpose of their powers. Will these abilities bring them closer together, or rip them apart?

My fear is that the series will be all too reminiscent of the now-cancelled, once-great NBC series, Heroes. Let’s hope that No Ordinary Family will find a good balance between following the lives of an ordinary family and the responsibility that comes with their newfound superpowers.

No Ordinary Family will air on Tuesdays at 8 pm on ABC.

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